We have successfully completed numerous projects during the years we have been in this line of business thanks to the support of our partner – Quadrifoglio Group.  Quadrifoglio designs and produces office furniture solutions to incorporate the elegance of Italian design into working environments.  From executive and operative desks to seating, from receptions to meeting rooms, from wall partitions to acoustic solutions up to the lighting: a full range of products to create exceptional comfort and aesthetic spaces.


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The new managerial collection T45 is characterized by extremely clean lines and strong personality, featuring a pleasant environment with a stylish combination between old and new aesthetic trends. With a minimal design, T45 is characterized by the 45° joint between tops and structures and by the combination of melamine finishes, with the new elm finish. Not only single desks but also solutions with structural returns, credenzas and storage compartments.  The collection is completed by meeting and boardroom tables with melamine and metal structures.

The X-Time range of executive office furniture consist on melamine desks with the possibility of integrating a melamine or glass return unit, static pedestals or mobile units with the CPU compartment.  Linearity lives together with winding and curvilinear elements.  The versatility of the X-time work range allows you to change the office according to each situation.  The choice of the material and the attention

paid to the details create a functional and charming environment. The original design of its elements makes the line unique and special; you get a personalized configuration of your working space.  The X-time range includes storage units and pedestals.

The X 10 range of executive office furniture is characterised by extra thick timeless shapes, impeccable combinations of wood finishes and leather, and soft silhouettes.  The desks are made up of strikingly simple elements, visual contrasts, slanted silhouettes and games of compositions, which delineate the surfaces of the executive desk.   This range offers a range of elegant colours and textures to accommodate the tastes of the contemporary manager.

Pure volumes, planning minimalism, metal reflections and linear wood are the elements of the X7 line.  The closed leg and the minimal thicknesses give this desk an authoritative look while the big glass top amplifies your working space.  The X 7 desk is a combination of shape, materials and technology, thanks to the essential design, the use of glass together with wooden finishes.  It is purely an expression of style and comfort.

The X 8 range of executive office furniture proposes a system of defined elements. Craftsmanship and design synthesized in a unique collection.  This range is an example of perfect balance between modernity and naturalness.   The noble materials and valuable finishes used in this collection represent typical details of the artisan care Made in Italy.  The combination of glass top and metal emphasizes the distinction between the different materials and redefines the key features of this range.


As soon as your order is shipped to Malta, members from our team will contact you to give you a delivery date.  Our installers will deliver your furniture and assemble everything according to your specifications.    We promise to work efficiently and avoid, as much as possible, any sort of delay to make sure your project is completed within the agreed time frames.