We have successfully completed numerous projects during the years we have been in this line of business thanks to the support of our partner – Quadrifoglio Group.  Quadrifoglio designs and produces office furniture solutions to incorporate the elegance of Italian design into working environments.  From executive and operative desks to seating, from receptions to meeting rooms, from wall partitions to acoustic solutions up to the lighting: a full range of products to create exceptional comfort and aesthetic spaces.



Practical, fashionable and classical at the same time, the Idea+Panel desk model plays a leading role in helping you to furnish working places with the utmost precision and functionality.  A simple system to create and manage every type of workstation.  The broad range of shapes available for the worktops allows for the creation of efficient workstations, even in small spaces.

The Idea+01 range of operational desks consists of practical but customised workstations to support all sorts of office activities.  This range offers single desks or benches with lift-up flaps that allow the access to the tray for the cable management of the workplaces.  The cable managed box allows for easy and quick wire management in the workstation.  The lift-up flap integrated in the box can contain all the electrical sockets.  Benches with simple central rails and optional top-access are also available.  Desk height cabinets create continuous solutions with work surfaces, expanding the functionality of each single workplace.  Model Idea+01 increases the flexibility and the versatility of the room according to your needs.

The Distinctive “L” shaped leg of the Idea+Jet is a mix of modernity and tradition suitable for single workplaces or for team work.  Thanks to the versatility of the elements, the operative box can create single or multiple workstations.  The structural elements can be integrated to the accessories rail with lift-up flaps that host sockets and connections.  Desk height cabinets create continuous solutions with work surfaces, expanding the functionality of each single workplace. The lift-up flaps with rail integrated to the top allow the “hidden” cable management of the workplaces.

The Idea+Tube office range is based on the concept of “less is more”.  Today rationalism has once again won over the office environment and is charmed by the purity of the shapes, the use of simple metal structures, the “visible” structural modular units and most of all by a renewed philosophy of functionality which places the man, his movement and his work at the centre of design activity.  The metal leg of the Tube range is available also in the height adjustable version, from 67.5cm up to 77.5cm.  Special care has been given to the cable management and the modular components give you endless possibilities to work out different compositions in order to solve any requirement, from the workstation to the executive desk.

The L-shaped classic leg of the Idea+Praktika is a combination of modernity and tradition that is suitable for working places in continuous change.  This range also has easy and functional solutions for benches. The “L” shaped leg of the Praktika range is a classic leg fitted for cable management.


As soon as your order is shipped to Malta, members from our team will contact you to give you a delivery date.  Our installers will deliver your furniture and assemble everything according to your specifications.    We promise to work efficiently and avoid, as much as possible, any sort of delay to make sure your project is completed within the agreed time frames.