We have successfully completed numerous projects during the years we have been in this line of business thanks to the support of our partner – Quadrifoglio Group.  Quadrifoglio designs and produces office furniture solutions to incorporate the elegance of Italian design into working environments.  From executive and operative desks to seating, from receptions to meeting rooms, from wall partitions to acoustic solutions up to the lighting: a full range of products to create exceptional comfort and aesthetic spaces.



Simple or compound meeting tables, always comfortable and tasteful.  A wide and comfortable table is an essential tool to express ideas, communicate and manage.  It’s much more than a component of the working place.  It’s the opportunity to develop, in the best way, interpersonal relationships.  We offer a wide range of shapes and finishes to adapt the tables to each of your needs when it comes to the aesthetics, the functionality and the ambience.   This line adapts itself by changing the structures, the shape and the dimensions of the desktops to give you the flexibility you require. Systems use modular elements that are functional to work.  Style and elegance in perfect balance with the practical sense of operational functions are an integral part of every reception area.  Z2 represents hospitality characterized by the two-tone combination and the skilful play between structural elements and shelves in different finishes that create a union between receptionist and guest.


As soon as your order is shipped to Malta, members from our team will contact you to give you a delivery date.  Our installers will deliver your furniture and assemble everything according to your specifications.    We promise to work efficiently and avoid, as much as possible, any sort of delay to make sure your project is completed within the agreed time frames.